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Sheba Blades


You will receive an on screen acknowledgment confirming receipt of your order, and your goods will be 
shipped within 7 business days unless you specify otherwise, or I am away at a show. 
Please fill out this form and click the "Place Order Button " at the end of the form .

NOTE: If you are ordering replacement blades or sharpened blades they will not be dispatched until
your old blades are received!!

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Note: All prices are in £ Sterling and include
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Price per item
1. To Sharpen 45 MM Blade - any make  
BUT NOTE - I only Sharpen 45 mm blades
2.  Exchange old 45 MM Blade for New OLFA 45 mm Blade
3. New OLFA 45 mm Blades without old blade in exchange
4. Pack of 10 New Generic 45 mm Blades (No manufacturer's name - but good quality steel) in a single case
5. Pack of 10 NEW OLFA 45 mm Blades in a single case - no 'blister pack'
6. NEW - Standard OLFA 45 mm Rotary Cutter - The one on the left - above
7. NEW - Ergo OLFA 45 mm Rotary Cutter - The one on the right - above
NOTE: Items 1, & 2 require you to send blades to me with a Stamped Self addressed return envelope.
unless you are sending 10 or more when I will pay return postage and give a 10% discount
You should make sure you use 'Large Letter Postage Stamps' or check with you local PO before posting
I will add postage for Items 3, 6 &7 dependent on the number ordered, 
but again items will be sent post free and with a discount if 10 or more are ordered.
Items 4 & 5 include postage and discount
Please note that a surcharge will be added if insufficient postage is used on return SAE's
Order Total
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By Post
Please send Blades  inside their original plastic case (you can fit at least 10 into one case)

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